The Middle East offers cruising in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf or through the whole region. The size of the region and the vast distances cruised make for more relaxed cruising with many days at sea. Geographically diverse from desert to mountains and tropical rainforest, The area also offers guaranteed sunshine and great beaches.


Most cruises in the region are passing through on repositioning or world cruises. Many cruises can be joined at an Egyptian or Mediterranean port and will sail through Red Sea along the coast of Arabia, calling at Salalah or Muscat in Oman, disembarking at modern Dubai in the Persian Gulf or Mumbai in India.


Red Sea
Red Sea cruises often set out from the resort of Sharm el Sheik and visit ports such as Aqaba, Eilat and Safaga so you visit the region’s ancient sites like Petra and Luxor.


Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf cruises are usually 7 days in duration and set out from Dubai calling at the major ports of the Emirates and Oman like Fujairah, Khasab, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. Sunshine and great beaches are guaranteed.


The Northern winter (November to April) is the main cruising season in this region. The weather should be sunny and warm to hot.